about us

We have all had it happen before; the kids are late getting off the bus, your spouse left you with an empty tank of gas, and then you hit every red light on your way to your massage appointment. Next thing you know you're 1 min late for your session, the clock has started on your "hour" long massage and you still have to get undressed and on to the table... but now you have to pee. Before you know it your stress level is through the roof and all you can think about is how you should have probably gotten the deep tissue massage instead.

Well relax, and let Gold Coast Mobile Massage come to you instead! We will travel to your home or office with everything you need for a relaxing and therapeutic massage. While the larger national mobile massage companies hire their therapist through an online service, our licensed massage therapists are personally handpicked based on their knowledge, experience and passion to help others. 

You won't find Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage on our list of services. In fact, you won't even find an hour massage. That's because we believe in giving our clients the best service possible. That means instead of 60 & 90 min sessions, all of our in-home massages are 70 or 105 minutes of hands on time and designed with a combination of techniques to address the needs of each of our clients.